Swing Gate Operators

A full range of FAAC hydraulic and electro-mechanical operators are available and will suit almost any swing gate application.  There are models to suit small residential gates or more heavy duty operators suited for large commercial and industrial gates.

FAAC underground swing gate operators are available and provide a sleek esthetically pleasing look. 

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Slide Gate Operators

The 740/741 gearmotor is ideal in residential application with a maximum gate weight of 1000lbs (740) or 1900lbs (741).  In commercial and industrial applications the 844 is the appropriate model which has a maximum gate weight of 3900lbs. 

In extreme heavy duty applications the 884 gearmotor is used which has a maximum gate weight of 7000lbs.

The C850 is a variable speed gearmotor which can travel up 28”/sec.  It is ideal for heavy duty applications where high security and fast gate speeds are necessary. 

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Barrier Gates

  • Hydraulic barrier gate for beams 3m, 4m, 5m (620) and 7m (640). 
  • The ideal solution for heavy traffic with Automatic, semi-automatic, parking, condo and custom logics.  
  • Built in dual channel loop detector comes standard.

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  • The concealed bollard has many different uses: it defines pedestrian areas in the busiest periods or permanently.  It allows entry and/or exit to or from given zones only for authorized persons and it restricts cars on roads, side walks, squares, etc. when necessary.
  • Automatic Bollards are recommended in situations where numerous transits per day are required.  It is aesthetically pleasing and its steel cylinder provides ultra high resistance to impact and weather.

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Pedestrian Doors

  • Automatic swing door operator for pedestrian doors with continuous use.  The 950 is a silent electro-mechanical motor with spring return to assist in door closing. 
  • The sliding glass door A140TK50 has a variety of configuration options (single leaf, double leaf, continuous) and optional breakaway panels.   This automated system is designed to meet the needs of the Canadian market as well as protect our environment.

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