Safedrive Operator

  • Direct drive operator provides safety for reducer failure and operated independent of speed or direction.  It is maintenance free, self monitoring, and has excellent damping characteristics for smooth and quiet door operation.
  • The Safedrive is suitable for balanced and unbalanced sectional, rolling steel doors, rolling grilles, and high speed fabric doors. 
  • Capable of speeds of up to 100"/sec. when used in high speed door applications.
  • Easy to set and adjust digital limits making installation and door maintenance a breeze.

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Micanan Operators

  • Industrial, continuous duty belt drive jackshaft operators.
  • Industrial, continuous duty worm gear drive jackshaft operator with chain hoist.
  • Limited duty belt drive jackshaft operators
  • Industrial, continuous duty chain drive trolley operator for standard lift doors.

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Manaras Operators

  • Manaras Operators are built with a rugged frame and a baked on long lasting enamel to optimize rigidity.  As well as an indestructible rotary-type limit switch system to prevent any lever breakage when limits have been exeeded during manual operation.
  • Jackshaft and Trolley operators available

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SE14.21 Operator

  • The Direct Drive shaft mounted operator is to be used with balanced doors.  It is designed to fit in tight situations with a minimum side room of only 6".  The pre-wired limits and motor cables make this operator quick and easy to install.
  • Operator comes standard with separate control  panel with open, close and stop button on the face of the panel and pre-wired motor and limit cables.

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Panel Dimensions

Operator Dimensions

Micanan Smart 10.0 Logic Board


The logic Board features include:

  • On-board open, close, stop push button
  • Built-in 372Mhz radio receiver
  • Programmable timer to close and mid-stop
  • 1.5 sec. time delay reverse
  • On-board fuse protection

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