Featheredge & Monitor

  • The Featheredge uses Air Wave technology to activate the reversing action with minimal impact.
  • Because there are no internal electrical contacts, it is impossible for corrosion or tearing to render the Featheredge inoperable.
  • Small punctures or tears will not inhibit dependable operation of the Featheredge.

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SE14.21 Operator

  • This Direct Drive shaft mounted operator is to be used with balanced sectional doors.  It is designed to fit in tight situations with a minimum side room of only 6".  The pre-wired limits and motor cables make this operator quick and easy to install.
  • Operator comes standard with a separate control panel with open, close and stop button on the face of the panel.

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Panel Dimensions

Operator Dimensions

C850 Slide Gate Operator

  • The C850 is a variable speed industrial gate operator and is ideal for prisons, embassies, storage facilities and any other high cycle or robust application.  
  • The operator can move as fast as 28"/sec. and can be programmed from the on-board controller or with the optional hand-held programmer.  

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GSM Telephone Entry System

  • The GSM Telephone entry system uses SIM card technology to program, activate and communicate between the unit at the end of your driveway and multiple cell phones.  No direct phone line connection is needed.
  • Speak to your visitor and grant access with your mobile device from anywhere in the world.

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Light Curtain

  • The Safety Light Curtain Sensor uses infrared technology to provide a protective screen area for industrial and commercial doors
  • Available in 3 sizes: 95", 82" and 39".
  • Operating range up to 10m

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