LZR-I30 Safety Sensor

  • Activation and Presence detector
  • Protects an entire door opening
  • Optional motion activated push button
  • 30' x 30' detection range

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Featheredge & Monitor

  • Airwave technology activates the reversing action with minimal impact.
  • Small punctures or tears, will not inhibit dependable operation of the Featheredge.
  • The optional receiver module allows the Featheredge to be installed without a coil cord.
  • Optional monitor wireless module available 

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Stop & Go Traffic Light

  • High efficiency Red and Green LED's
  • Robust weather proof yellow or black housing
  • Long lasting
  • Easy, hassel free installation
  • 12-24Vac/dc

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Loop Detector

Inductive Vehicle Loop Detector

  • Comes standard with a LED Deflectometer to provide feedback.
  • Includes dual programmable relay outputs.   
  • Available in the following configurations:

LMA-1250LV (Low voltage Fail Safe)

LMA-1250HV (High voltage Fail Safe)

LMA-1250SLV (Low voltage Fail Secure)

LMA-1250SHV (High voltage Fail Secure)

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60-2728 - AB Reflective Photocell 24V

60-2730 - AB Reflective Photocell 110V

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PMP12RI - Photocell with reflector

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QS30 - Thru-beam car wash Photocell

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BPE-50 - Photocell thru-beam with battery

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785163 - FAAC Photobeam thru-beam

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Light Curtain

  • The Safety Light Curtain Sensor uses infrared technology to provide a protective screen area for industrial and commercial doors
  • Available in 3 sizes: 95", 82" and 39".
  • Operating range up to 10m
  • Easy to install with LED's to indicate synchronization between TX and RX

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